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                                                                                                                                                                                                             Global Health for more than 25 years

Institute of International Health

The aim of the Institute of International Health is to contribute nationally and internationally to health promotion as well as prevention and treatment of tropical diseases. This is mainly achieved through excellence in patient care, research, education and training in tropical medicine and international health, as well as through application-oriented information and advice to decision-makers and stakeholders.

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  • Prevention of tropical diseases, laboratory diagnosis and clinical care of patients with tropical diseases in Germany
  • Support of developing countries in the management of health care
  • Research on biomedical, clinical and operational aspects of tropical diseases and their control, as well as on health management in resource-poor countries
  • Teaching and training in tropical medicine and international health for students and in postgraduate programs
  • Education and training in tropical medicine and international health for clinicians and other health-related professions
  • Support for national and international institutions dealing with tropical diseases through information and consultancy services
  • Support for resource-poor countries on sustained development and poverty reduction


The Institute of International Health emerged from the Royal Prussian Small Pox Vaccination Institute ("Königlich-Preussisches Schutzblattern-Impfinstitut") founded in 1802.The increasing number of travellers and the extension of international relations prompted the Berlin senate in 1965 to expand the Institution to become the state vaccination institute with a clinic for tropical medicine ( "Landesimpfanstalt mit tropenmedizinischer Beratungsstelle"). Today, the institute provides clinical and diagnostic services in tropical and travel medicine as well as teaching and research divisions. The research focus is directed at the areas of malaria, HIV/AIDS, infection epidemiology and Public Health in Developing Countries. Field studies are currently (2018) conducted with partners in Ghana, Guinea, India, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. Postgraduate training offered includes a Master of Science Programme in International Health, a "Diploma course in Tropical Medicine and Public Health" (DTMPH) as well as advanced training in tropical and travel medicine. Furthermore, on behalf of the Berlin Senate for Health, Environment and Consumer Protection, the Institute has tasks in infectious disease civil protection.