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Research Group Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC)

COPC is an approach to health care based upon principles derived from epidemiology, primary care, preventive medicine and health promotion. COPC is also a primary care practice that provides health care services that are accessible, comprehensive, coordinated, accountable and continuous over time to defined communities. The COPC research group was established in 2017 and studies community based health and social status assessments and how this information is used to effectively render equitable, comprehensive and person centered primary care services.

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The contribution of local health analysis to the provision of locally specific and personalized community oriented primary care (COPC): An analysis of data collected by ward based outreach teams (WBOTs) in nine communities in Tshwane District, South Africa. The problem leading this research is that the data that is available in the Tshwane WBOT data base has not yet been analysed comprehensively and in depth in order to generate information that would enable WBOTs to tailor health care to the specificities of the local population. This research (i) explores the Tshwane Ward based Outreach Team (WBOT) database on demography, health and social determinants of nearly 50,000 individuals and generates information about the demography, tuberculosis, sexual health & HIV, pregnancy & childcare and chronic conditions/diseases that would enabled WBOTs health care to the specificities of the local population and according to COPC principles, (ii) reviews the tools of explorative data analysis and (iii) reviews the data collection tools.

Project details

Principle investigator:
Dr. Hans-Friedemann Kinkel

The project is a research in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, South Africa, Department of Family Medicine (Prof Tessa Marcus, Prof Jannie Hugo)

Project duration:
March 2015 - February 2020

Project status: