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PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV)

In Africa, especially in the most affected areas of Eastern and Southern Africa, the transmission of HIV from the mother to the child during pregnancy, labour and via breast feeding is the most common route. The risk of transmission in developing countries lays at about 30% and is highest perinatally.

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PMTCT Programmes

PMTCT Programmes were established in 38 health facilities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Pregnant women with a positive serostatus are offered the possibility of taking antiretroviral medicine during delivery and of administering the drug to the newborn baby within 72 hours after birth. This measure reduces the risk of HIV transmission by about 50%. In addition to this, longterm treatment with antiretroviral drugs (ART) was implemented.

Research questions are addressed in comprehensive monitoring protocols as well as in specific research proposals with regard to the following topics:


  • KAPB studies on mother-to-child transmission in different population goups
  • Practice of infant nutrition in areas with high prevalence of HIV
  • Minimal requirements for the implementation of PMTCT programmes
  • Analysis of different strategies of nevirapine administration (e.g. self-administration)
  • Comparison of different methods to simplify treatment monitoring
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Male partner involvement into PMTCT services
  • Feasibility of combination prophylaxis

Mother-Child cohorts

  • Analysis of factors influencing the vertical transmission (point of time of nevirapine intake, relationship of viral load and nevirapine concentration in different body compartments such as plasma, breast milk, vaginal- and oropharyngeal secretions)
  • Resistance formation in breast milk and plasma of mothers and children


  • Analysis of clinical, immunological, virological treatment outcome in the patient groups of 3 countries in Eastern Africa
  • Side effects of treatment in the patient groups in Eastern Africa
  • Adherence to treatment in peripheral areas of Eastern Africa

Project coordination

Prof. Dr. Gundel Harms-Zwingenberger


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