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Working Group Neglected Diseases and Vulnerable Populations


The working group was established in 2020. In addition to the classical neglected tropical diseases (African sleeping sickness, cutaneous leishmaniasis), the focus is on infections with PVL-carrying Staphyloccus aureus, which are not sufficiently known in Germany. Another objective of the working group is to strengthen the health competence of vulnerable groups - homeless people and refugees - and to improve their medical care in Germany. Due to the current pandemic, the research on COVID-19 is in the priority.

Group Leader: Dr. Andreas Lindner, MSc

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Dr. med. Andreas Lindner, MSc

Senior consultant, specialist in internal medicine, tropical medicine and infectious diseases
ABS expert (DGI), MSc, DTM&H (LSHTM), Group Leader Neglected Diseases and Vulnerable Populations

Dr. med. Andreas Lindner