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"PVL-CoCo": contact cohort study-PVL-bearing staphylococcus aureus infections

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If Staphylococcus (S.) aureus carries the PVL toxin (PVL= Panton Valentine leukocidin), its virulence is considerably increased. PVL is particularly associated with severe and recurrent skin and soft tissue infections (sometimes massive abscesses).

Infections with a PVL strain are frequently described in travelers returning to their home countries. At the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health of the Charité, about 30-50 outpatients with a PVL strain are treated per year. Diagnostics and therapy of infections with imported PVL-forming S. aureus are poorly known and insufficiently researched in Germany.

StaphTrav ( is a network of 12 centers in 7 European countries investigating the introduction of S. aureus with characteristics such as MRSA and PVL toxin in intercontinental travelers with pus-filled skin infections. The Tropical Institute Berlin has included over 400 outpatients in this study since 2011. The experience and knowledge gained from this study provide the basis for a new study, "PVL-CoCo" (contact cohort), which started in January 2019. "PVL-CoCo" is investigating the potential for PVL-positive staphylococci to spread from ill travelers. "PVL-CoCo" is a collaboration with Heidelberg University (Institute of Global Health and Department of Infectiology, Medical Microbiology and Hygiene).

Project details

Project leader: Dr. med. Andreas Lindner, MSc

Collaboration: Physicians Team Tropical Medicine Outpatient Clinic

Cooperation: University of Heidelberg: Institute for Global Health and Department of Infectiology, Medical Microbiology and Hygiene

StaphTrav (

Charité working group "PVL-forming Staphylococcus aureus"

Project duration: ongoing since 2019

Project status: inclusion of >35 contact cohorts until 12/2020

Funding: Charité and University of Heidelberg internal funds


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