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Racism and Mental Health: A Qualitative Study with Humanitarian Workers

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Racism has been acknowledged as a social determinant of health and is meanwhile understood as a global health issue that also impacts mental health. While some evidence for the prevalence of racism within humanitarian organizations exists, this issue has barely been systematically researched yet, and vast gaps in data and knowledge persist. The project "Racism and Mental Health: A Qualitative Study with Humanitarian Workers" addresses this issue through the analysis of the discourse about racism among humanitarian workers and the identification of the psycho-social effects of the experience of racism on the job within this occupational group. This interdisciplinary research is supported by the German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA) and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Dr. Hannah Strohmeier
MA Comparative and International Studies, MSc International Health
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin