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University- Clinic-Partnership “Improving the Quality of Obstetric Care in Sierra Leone”

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Project description

Sierra Leone (SL) is still the country with the highest maternal mortality in the world. Obstetric care is performed under minimum standards even in a referral hospital like PCMH. We plan to continue our existing partnership on enhancing high-quality obstetric care and midwifery in SL, based on needs and challenges identified in our previous partnership phase. Thereby we will lift an approved and working project to a longer-term level, expecting to make a lasting impact on maternal health in the country.

The planned project aims at:

•Strengthening referral linkages between peripheral health units (PHUs) and PCMH by introducing a digital consultancy app in ten PHUs in Western Area Urban/Rural District

•Assessing the feasibility of using the consultancy app through operational research

•Reinforcing quality midwife education through establishing an e-learning module based on telemedical consultancy case reports

•Strengthening obstetric care and midwife capacity in PCMH regarding improved use and application of diagnostic tools and continuous IPC/hygiene training

•Strengthening capacity of midwifes from remote district PHUs by integrating them into obstetric training at PCMH

•Supporting a birth companionship campaign in PCMH to improve conditions for women delivering in the facility

•Assessing acceptability and outcomes of the birth companionship campaign through operational research

Digital methods include

  • Telemedical counselling of peripheral health unit staff by obstetric experts at PCMH through a consultancy app
  • Using telemedical counselling cases for e-learning in midwifery education

Project details

Project leader: Dr. Stefanie Theuring (Berlin), Dr. Joan Shepherd & Dr. Michael Koroma (Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, Sierra Leone)

Duration: 1. January 2020 - 30. October 2021

Funding: BMZ Hochschul- und Klinikpartnerschaften